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Software Design and Development

We design and build highly customized web to tailor your need. Users find it easy to use. Business owner finds them easy to maintain.


Build secure solution using smart contract. Taking advantages of the decentralized network built on blockchain.

Digital Transformation

Transform your business into digitalization powered business and build automated system.

Game Development

Developing mobile game and gamification solution to your business.

Case Studies

Digital: Transforming legacy system into a large scale and auto-scalable system in logistic and banking industry

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Every Business is Unique;
We Do Whats Fit You;

Good business owner doesn't hire web design agency for “almost same.” They hire us to build standout websites and solution people love.

We care about your business. We love to provide a solution to grow your business.

Why Auronex?

We know what works & what doesn't work

We are experienced in building highly customized solution. We are not "Yes Man" slaves. We will have tons of smelly discussion, giving constructive suggestion and opinion.

Think of us as an extension of your team

We save you precious time. You should focus to grow and develop your business. Leave it behind to us. Let us worry about designing websites & web apps that help you stand out in a sea of competitors.

It is precisely what you need

The solution we build are highly customized, it always exactly fit what you need. It saves you unnecessary cost, it boosts your profit. Grow your business.